Our brand new 2019 ‘Buzz’ electric Bike/Scooter offers the latest contemporary styling loaded with the very latest technology.

The ‘Buzz’ works through a simple twist-and-go handlebar accelerator which allows the bike to reach 15mph rapidly as the torque is instant as there are no gears.

The ‘Buzz’ is pedal assisted which allows a faster speed and helps recharge the Lithium battery when in use.

Features include LED front and rear headlights, LED indicators, Horn, LCD speedometer / battery power indicator, Alarm, brake lights, key start, alarm, side stand and full stand.

The ‘Buzz’ is in the same class as bicycles rather than petrol driven motorbikes so if you are over 14 years old you can drive on the road, bus lanes and cycle tracks without insurance, road tax or any fuel costs.

The Bumblebee ‘Buzz’ is powered by a 48v 16ah Lithium battery which is removable (pulls out) for charging at home on a standard UK socket allowing you to travel 30 miles on a single charge.


No driving licence required, no tax, no M.O.T, no parking fines or congestion charges, you do not need to register our bikes with DVLA!

Our scooters are EC examination certified EN15194 with compliance to health and safety directive 2006/42/EC.

1 Year Guarantee: Including Battery*

Shipping: £95.00

*Any modifications to any parts including the limiter, invalidates the 1 year guarantee


£1,095.00 £995.00