About Us

Progression into the world of low-carbon, electrically powered transport was a natural move forward.

Our Story

After 10 years involvement in ‘Green Energy’ products, progression into the world of low-emission battery powered-transport was a natural move forward.

Although many other battery-powered ‘Green Bikes’ are appearing in the UK market, we at Bumblebee Bikes wanted to introduce a variety of electric bikes and mopeds from our starter ‘Pony’ Bike, perfect for city commuting at a very affordable price, to our ‘Classic’ range, which has the timeless style of the 1950/60’s Italian brands powered by the latest technology.

Our new ‘Express’ model offers businesses an economic, green alternative for city deliveries. Whether a small parcel, letters, or food takeaways, your investment will return quickly as you save on fuel, tax, and C02 emissions.

All of our Bumblebee Mopeds are powered by Bosch Motors, providing German reliability and performance.

Greg Jones (CEO)