Bumblebee Bike RANGE

New Stingray

Our latest model, the ‘Sting-Ray’ is a bike you cannot ignore. A futuristic design with more than a nod to the famous USA motorbike brands of the 1960/70’s.


'Classic' electric scooter is a homage to the glory days of the famous Italian brands of the 1950/60's. Retro styling with the very latest Electric Motor which gives instant torque with hardly any noise.

Classic GT

Reflecting the glory days of the 1950/60’s Italian brands. Old school style with the latest technology, the ‘CLASSIC GT’ can travel at 40mph with its retro two tone colour.

Monaco GT

Our brand new Monaco GT 4000w electric scooter combines amazing performance with superb styling at a very affordable price. Instant torque; with a top speed of 50mph and a travelling distance of 60 miles.


Designed in the UK, developed using German technology and Italian styling the ‘Rena’ offers the highest possible specification in green transport available in the market today.

Sky Bike

Classed in the same category as an E-Bike, our Sky-Bike can only travel at 25km/h from the 250w electric motor, assisted by pedalling

E-Deco E-Bike

Powered by the very latest technology, controlled by the touch screen computer which gives you a choice of 5 assisted levels from the 250w Bafang motor and 3 riding modes