Michael Blast Warranty Policy Retail & Wholesale

Our manufacturer’s warranty. Covers unexpected failure/defect of all parts/components that may not be attributed to fair wear and tear or crash damage outside that considered normal use. The claimant must be the original owner/purchaser and produce a receipt to prove the date of purchase. The parts/components must be free from modification including shot blasting and or painting/powder coating where this may be attributed to the failure. Please note, it is the buyer’s responsibility to look after their own bike. Abuse is not covered by warranty. Any modification that is made or fitted to the bike that may affect its performance will void the warranty.

Parts are only covered by Warranty and NOT any other additional costs. The warranty Michael Blast offer is on a parts exchange basis only.

We offer a;

5 year manufactures warranty on the Frame and Fork Assemblies

1 year manufactures warranty on the Battery and electronic components

Examples of some items not covered by your warranty: (not limited to the lists below)

• Buckled wheels

• Worn tires

• Worn/broken chains (unless clearly a manufacturing defect)

• Worn sprockets

• Worn bearings or hub internals

• Bent forks / frame / bars / axles / cranks / pedals

• Water damage of ANY kind to the electronic components and battery

Examples of items that are covered where it is clear there has been NO abuse or misuse (note: you will need to supply photos of both sides of your bike and then may further be asked to return the failed component):

• Cracked or broken frames

• Cracked or broken forks

• Cracked or broken bars

• Cracked or broken hubs

• Internal axle failure BB/wheels

• Cracked or broken cranks

• Visible manufacturing defects to any part or component (should be reported as soon as noticed)

Please note that paint damage caused by rough handling by couriers will not be covered by our warranty. Our bikes are very well wrapped and protected for shipment.

You are expected to keep your bike in serviceable condition. Any failure attributed to incorrect or lack of maintenance will be easily detected by our engineers and in most cases rejected.

When you make a claim, you will be expected to provide photographic evidence of your complete bike (photos of both sides even if it is a single small component failure) including close up shots of the failed component(s).

Michael Blast Europe will provide parts deemed to be defective due to, manufacturing errors FREE of charge during the above warranty periods, however, all labour costs associated with fitment of the defective parts MUST be covered by the supplied stockist or end consumer, Michael Blast Europe will not be held liable for or cover these labour costs.