Cool and sexy

beach cruiser

Cool and sexy, the Beachin’ is Rayvolt’s electric beach cruiser bike. A large and muscle e-bicycle for the beach and outdoor adventure lovers. Its fat tyres are perfect for cruising on the beach sand or riding dirt roads. Despite its dimensions, it remains a stable and very manoeuvrable electric bike.


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Standard 10.5AH Upgraded 16AH


Variable Pedal Assist


25 Miles/35 Miles Upgraded



The high quality Lithium Ion battery is located in an elegant colour coded battery holder which can be easily and quickly removed for home or office charging.

Two Lithium Ion battery sizes are available depending on the riders preference :- the standard 10,5 Ah ( 378 Wh ) which provides pedal assist for up to 25 miles and a recharge time of approximately 2,5 hours, or the upgraded 16Ah ( 576 Wh) which provides up to 35 miles pedal assist distance and a recharge time of approximately 4,5 hours.


The variable pedal assist is powered via the 7 speed geared motor and provides the rider with easy pedal assisted cycling. It is can be easily and quickly adjusted to meet the riders desired assistance level via the handlebar mounted display which also provides a start assist function.



  • Designed for people over 5 feet 6 inches (170cm) With 26 inch wheel




  • Rayvolt Copper Bell + £15.00
    Rayvolt Front Pouch + £155.00
    Rayvolt Rear Rack + £100.00
    Rayvolt Rear Panniers + £200.00
    Rayvolt Helmet 1/2 Face + £145.00
    Rayvolt Helmet 3/4 Face + £175.00

Shipping £75.00

Free customer shipping is available to all addresses in East & West Sussex.
Free customer collection is available

Protecting against the elements

As an Electric Vehicle this bike should be protected by a waterproof cover when not in use. Failure to do so may nullify any guarantee given

Battery Care

Lithium batteries require regular (at least twice a month) charging, even when not in use during winter months. Failure to regularly charge your battery may result in a battery shutdown which will be the sole responsibility of the owner as misuse.

*Any modifications to any parts including the limiter, invalidates the 2 Year guarantee.

*Driving range is an estimate based on riders weight, road conditions & inclines.


Rayvolt RANGE

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