Back by popular request, the ‘Sting’ 2000w electric chopper has returned. The ‘Sting’ now has a 30ah battery, chromed wheels and the latest high torque motor so the performance matches this bikes good looks.

Sting Custom

We are proud to introduce the ‘Sting Custom’ 4000w, 50mph to our range. The upgraded ‘Customised’ version of the ‘Sting’ offers amazing acceleration from the high torque QS hub motor, a Sumsung 40ah lithium battery (removable), around 70 miles distance distance, car port fast charger and a beautiful seamless chrome frame. The ‘Sting Custom’ is without doubt the most detailed bike we have ever offered.

Sting Shadow

The ‘Sting Shadow’ offers amazing acceleration from the high torque QS motor, powered by a branded Samsung battery, which can be charged via a 13 amp fast charger (same as cars), a beautiful seamless alloy frame, leather saddle and fat tyres, making this electric chopper the perfect bike for any Dark Knight,